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O. P. Pilgrim


LANguages of god

understand all the universe has to tell you

The honest truth is one day I woke up and knew my life was about to change.

Everyday I try to embrace those changes, they guide me on my new journey.

Though the journey is really the same, but now those changes have been made.

Even the changes change I've learned, therefore I've learned to change how I think about change.

I'm happy, productive, calm, forgiving, enthusiastic all because I live my own way, everyday. 

I see more and more of those traits we all want to see more and more of in ourselves.

I work as freelance writer, technical author, and creative writer.

Life is making sense.

You can follow my journey through my blog as I journal everything I'm thinking and experiencing.

Help me shape my next sojourn with your questions and suggestions.

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J. S. Eiland

Yours Truly

How can I enact a positive change in the world?

The answer is different for each of us, and it is the responsibility of each of us to find this answer for ourselves.

We all depend upon each other to seek such answers, for we cannot find our own answers without those of our fellows.

How did I change my own life?

I started to change the way I thought about my life.  Thoughts gave way to ideas, ideas to habits, habits to lifestyles.

It is up to us to change our own lives. 

It is not easy.  

It never is.

Where will I go now?

Daunting question.
Deserves daunting answer.
I will go everywhere.
I will go nowhere.
I will go with you.
I will go without you.
I will go...

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