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A Question of Joy

Oh, to know the joy of walking into a place so special. The joy of a place where everybody knows your name. Joy, indeed each care a great deal for you and speak your name when they greet you: not in common courtesy, but in an uncommon courtesy. Their joy in your name so spreads in love that hearing it spoken alleviates pain. A joy that strips the restraints and unloads the burdens of life. This is a joy I wish you all know everyday of your lives. This is a joy that should run rampant all around our world. This is a joy that changes lives, this joy heals broken hearts. Joy melts the grief-stricken and stressful struggles of life like so many igneous stones. Joy is something exemplified by the Lord, especially when in His house with the body, the church. How great it would be to have such a joy spread throughout the world everyday to every soul?

Is this such a lofty goal?

Is this so outlandish a dream that it cannot be achieved? They say it requires only a fraction of the muscles to smile as it does to frown. So logic abides in that it is easier to smile and spread joy than it is to frown and spread discord. So the questions I spose are these...

Who will you make smile today?

Who will you make frown today?

Will you spread joy today?

Or will you spread hate today?

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