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A Rule of The Phenomenal


I have been blessed to work on a project for the last two months centering around the concept of grace. The idea of grace, if you will. We asked the question; "what is grace?" We spend our time searching for grace and learning all we can from others who maintain vast knowledge on the subject. This has been one of the most exciting of projects I have ever been a part, but it is also a very young project at this time. I can not share a lot of what we have collected, but I was able to sneak away this little tidbit as though under the cover of night. Let me know what you think.


Grace is a phenomena, and like any other phenomena it follows the rules pertaining to the phenomenal. Phenomenal is defined as the opposite of a noumenonal, which is a really cool word in its own right. though in other words phenomenal can be defined as very remarkable and extraordinary. Notice use of the word ‘and’ in the definition, this is an amendment we made. The phenomenal effects of perception’s power to define reality lead me to change Oxford’s definition for the purpose of this piece. Oxford also defines phenomenal as ‘perceptible by the senses or through immediate experience.' This definition is more appropriate for the antonym noumenonal.

So what are these phenomenal rules which grace and other phenomena adhere to? Well I won’t be so bold as to say we've learned each and every one of them. But tonight I would like to share with you at least one of them which we know exists. Through my own experiences I have witnessed this rule of the phenomenal in action with not only grace but many other subjects as well. I have also corroborated these encounters with my fellows for more in-depth analysis.

What possesses your heart, will possess your life. A simple phrase but not necessarily an easy concept. How does this apply to grace? If grace possesses your heart, than grace will possess your life. This rule can be applied to any myriad of ideas, people, places, things, essentially any nouns and even many verbs. Not just grace but love, happiness, anger, depression, money, success, boredom, excitement, and anything else you can imagine. I know people who seek God and they flow abundantly with bright, vibrant light all through their days because that is what they seek. I know people who seek out numbers, numbers specific to their belief systems, many call it numerology and power numbers. They find those that they seek because they think of those explicit numbers regularly. Those numbers possess a piece of their heart. All phenomena subscribe to this rule. Therefore the question becomes, what will possess your heart?

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