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All Downhill From Here

I find it incredibly interesting that I can continue to fight against the truth which I already know. How easily corrupted my mind and heart are by something or someone of this world. I can look at a situation objectively and see the truth of those matters entirely. I can even push a little further to ensure any veil is completely removed from my perception, that I may ensure no skewing of the story. So there I will be looking at my life and whatever situations may lie there in, completely naked and unobscured to my mind's eye, the answers exist plain as day right there in front of me. And yet my weakness will creep in sowing seeds of doubt into what I know to be the truth. I can see the path so clearly in front of me, so simply established, and all that need be done is simply take a step in that direction down that path. Yet I will twist my brain up with deceptive thoughts which paralyze me. I find that despite the conscious knowledge of what is happening both to me and around me, I cannot shake these foreboding feelings. These uselessly corrupted thoughts which serve no viable purpose upon the path. They exist solely to pull my concentration from the clarity of the task at hand. So why is it? How can it be that mine eyes can see a certain solution so simply stated, right there, hovering in front of my face like a fly and yet I cannot move beyond some stone, so ceaselessly starting my stumbling, because I am man. Because it is not of my world which these tormented thoughts originate. Because I am not whole unless I am resting in God's grace. Only when I alleviate all anchors from the bow of my brain by giving them to the Lord will I move forward down the path I see before me. As I do I see all that he showed me come to pass as I wave goodbye to the demons previously occupying my mind.

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