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How Do You Dedicate Yourself?

So tell me, where do you dedicate yourself? To what purposes do you grant your attention? Who are the people you offer your time to with unwarranted practice? If these are not the questions you are asking yourself than you are missing the point entirely. If you are concerned with only those proceedings that are right in front of you than you are ignorant to the true reasons you have been given life. If you are so negligent of your moral code, than do us all a favor and leave this world. Not really of course (I hate that I feel the need to specify this) but seriously, do us all a favor and get your head out of your ass, dumbass.

This goes far beyond Republican or Democrat, Sunni or Shiite, black or white, man or woman, or otherwise. This is about the meaning of life. The quest for the grail. Seeking nirvana. Do you never think of these concepts so naturally larger than life itself? What the hell do you do with your day if not? Do not tell me you have responsibilities. Do you think Einstein had no demands on his time other than to sit and think profound thoughts? Did King have nothing to do in his life but make moving speeches about the human condition? Stop making weak excuses for your lackluster and lazy lifestyle. Dig in damnit!

I challenge you to not go through today on autopilot. Get your head out of your ars and recognize the world of which you are a part. This is not a difficult task. Many whom are much greater than I have called you to the same action. I do not know why you choose to neglect the teachings of those who are the notably greatest among us. Why will you not try something diametrically different from what you have practiced your whole life? Practices that have yielded you shit results. Practices that have not brought you any happiness, only regret, and depression.

So what have you got to lose? I’ll tell you what. Try it my way and if you do not see the greatness waiting for you than I will allow you to publicly stone me. However, when you are forced to admit honestly to yourself that you have been sleep-walking through your life up to that point, than I will require only one thing from you. Spread the word. Preach the good news. Tell every person you meet to drop the texting device, log out as it were, and go consciously experience their lives before they pass you by like goldfish’.

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