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Be In the Eye of the Storm

As my final hours ticked away last night I felt the nerves begin in my stomach, butterflies growing aggressively into vultures. Thlipsis crept in and began to deter my faith and God-given grace. Instead of focusing on the joy and excitement of recent events and this new direction to my life, I saw only the myriad obstacles I would surely face: all the tribulation laying ahead of me, stalking me, attacking me in my most vulnerable moments. An attempt to derail the entire operation before it had even begun and I was not obliged to give into this last minute siege.

Concerns abound! I heard them from neighbors, friends, even the odd kid on a bike gawked curiously and asked "You go'n drive that!?" apparently aghast with the thought. Most immediate concerns were of course with my car, would it make the trip? Can she handle the load? My answers were always emphatic even if they weren't 'yes'. I had no concern my car would make the trip.

Ready to Roll ???

The load however I was less sure about. In the end I lightened up the load by about half and felt much more secure in the suspensions ability for the next 2200 miles. In the end I performed my due diligence and cut the weight way back where I could. Explored better, more elevated options for the cargo basket and in the end found a creative solution to stabilize the basket and keep it lifted as high as possible. But even this preparation did not prepare me for the mad dash of the departure. I felt pulled in a baker's half dozen different directions all at once.

When I finally did leave it was under the guise of a practice run to ensure my own confidence in myself, and my car. I told myself I would head south on the highway for thirty minutes to see how my car felt. If it felt good I would not turn back, clearly it felt alright as I sit here in the basement of my family home in Montana to tell you the story of thus far.


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