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Magical Realism My Ass!!

Who is in charge of assigning all of these new terms in the modern American English? Who is the guy? Or gal? Or transgender? Or trans-species? (Werewolf?) Or trans-coding? (Cyborg? Just wait, Artificial Intelligence is here. (After all I identify as a left foot sock, so I am empathetic.)) . Or White? Or black? Or male? Or female? Shit! Whoops! I wrote those last two already. But you catch my drift I'm sure. Somebody. Somewhere. In this practically God-forsaken time is making up new titles and various other nomenclature every single day. I'm cereal. I mean, I'm serious. Sometimes that happens. After all we all make all mistakes. So again to be-labor our point. I want that job. Because how far into the future do we really need to look to witness these terms and titles and pronouns being taught to our children by our state run schools? Will the private sector schools have become attainable enough to change/maintain the necessary mass education if there is a mass exodus from the current system? It almost seems like all these terms and classifications we have for ourselves divide us more every day. How does that saying go? ‘United we stand, divided we fall?’

Image courtesy of Wayward FoxShops

Peace is the path to enlightenment. It is not action but inaction by which we ascend.

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