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Pelicans and Porcupines

Every nation come to me

Every nation listening?

Let the whole earth hear me speak

I want the world to hear… Woe to the nations!

One indignation against every all nations

One fury against every army

Utterly destroyed and slaughtered

Slaine and thrown out

A stench shall rise from these corpses’ minds

Melting mountains with their blood

One revenge

One vengeance done

All will die both old and young

The land soaked with blood

Their dust saturated, turns forever fat

Streams turn to pitch

And dirt becomes like brimstone

The fires will burn all through the night

During the day those fires relight

The smoke will ascend forever

Generations all laid to waste

No one left, just a desolate place

Pelicans and porcupines possess it

Owls and ravens dwell in it

And God stretches over it

Confused lines of people

People with stone empty souls

They will call for their kings

But they will hear nothing

Their leaders and their nobles have become nothing

Thorns will eat at their homes

All the shacks and their palaces

The nettles and the brambles inhabit their fortresses

Their land is inhabited by jackals and ostriches

Where the goats all bleat as one

Where the snakes will rest and gather their young

Where the hawks roost together, two for every one

“Not one of these shall fail

Not one shall lack her mate

For My mouth has commanded it

And His Spirit has gathered them”

This lot has been cast

And lives measured by His hand

They shall possess it forever

For generations, they will dwell together.

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