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  • J. S. Eiland

The Wise Owl Once Said...

I feel as though we too often and too easily take for granted far too many things. Wow! That was a bit of a mouthful, wasn’t it? Let’s read it again, be sure it sinks in.

I feel as though we too often and too easily take for granted far too many things. Specifically, I speak of these signs that are given to us quite obviously and purposefully from the universe. All too regularly are we all too caught up in our own little worlds to inhale a calming breath, resolutely take a wise step back and a newly-objective look at said worlds enveloping us at any given moment. We assume that we know what is going on because we live in these lives every day. But how much of these lives are we actually living? For how much of our lives are we “checked-out” or simply going through the motions? Acting as a sort of automatron waiting for the weekend or a vacation that we may once again feel free for a few days.

Truthfully, from the bottom of my heart I tell you, it is so important to remember that each day is a new day and should be accepted and explored as such. Each day really is a blessing if you are willing to see them as such, and as such nothing should ever be taken for granted. Each new day, accompanied by its challenges and its successes, should be embraced fully, for all that may come our way we should hold true to this sentiment.

I bring this up today thinking specifically about spirit animals and animal guides. Now we certainly cannot be expected to rush to find the meaning of every squirrel crossing our paths. However, if an animal that is rare appears or one otherwise irregularly crosses your path, than yes, that animal should be received and recognized for the spiritual meaning it carries with it pertaining to our lives and existences. I find this to be especially true right now as I am considering the content of this thought process while actively driving across the country, and thusly bringing my presence into places I do not otherwise frequent. This makes the likelihood of crossing paths with a rare creature all the more astonishing due to innate coincidences involved here.

It is in these times of flux and change, these moments of mutation and evolution, these portions of our lives that are so given to growth and development and perhaps joined with those complementary growing pains as well as the willpower to push beyond our comfort zones, it is during these times when the signs of the universe are most important for us to recognize. As well it seems to me, these are the times that the universe extends signs of guidance to us more readily and regularly. A likely explanation perhaps is that due to a lack of comfortability and familiarity on our own parts as we find ourselves (albeit unconsciously so perhaps) more acutely aware of our surroundings and any changes therein. This essentially amounts to a more malleable mind/spirit connection resulting in a more discerning outlook in general.

The following scene occurred at a rest stop in Indiana last night as I was stretching my legs. There in the dark, I saw an owl alight on a piece of playground equipment. I felt so fortunate to have this guide with me in the wee morning hours, so I sat and watched him for thirty minutes and he did the same to me. We stared at each other, sharing a moment in time and space. Nothing all-too amazing happened during that half an hour, except for the fact that I was blessed to share that time with a creature that many will never see, let alone contemplate. Her periodic screeches made the scene all the more memorable and haunting as if she understood the phenomenal insight I was receiving and wanted to add to it her own ephemeral influence from time to time.

Today I looked up what it means to cross paths with an owl.

“A deep connection with wisdom, sound judgment, and knowledge.” Owls are known for sharp vision and keen observation, as a human counterpart I also possess these qualities and this resonates with me as this whole trip I have tried to focus my conscious mind on insight and intuition. The meaning of the owl always seems to have something to do with change or transition. Haha. Go figure.

Anyway, I encourage you to find your own guides from the world around you. It is not to say that you will find all the answers you seek because a certain animal crosses your path. Rather the truth I have discovered is that an animal’s natural tendencies tend to line up with one of two aspects of my life. The first aspect can be considered a thought process or habit that I have been attempting to cultivate, in these cases I consider said animal to be a good omen that I am following my correct path and should continue to work toward these ends, whatever they may be. The other aspect is a sort of glimpse into the future, something that will come to pass, whether a challenge or a reassurance, nonetheless an occurrence that I will want to be on the lookout for in the coming days so that it will not catch me unawares and offguards as it will likely be a stepping-stone along this same path to which I have been already made privy. With only a minute amount of research all the knowledge available to humans about the nature and skills any animal can be yours to apply aptly to your life over the current moments and coming days. See such occurrences for exactly what they are, a protege's glimpse into the master's techniques.

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