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If you want victory, walk in victory.

These words can be applied in so many different ways. They can also be applied to so many different things. Ultimately though, the bones of the matter are what we must concern ourselves with. What are the bones you ask? The mindset. That’s right, the bones are a mindset. Confused yet? Let me clarify a bit. If you're like myself, the bones are actually the changing of the mindset. Better? Not really? Try this.

We are inherently powerful creatures, each and every one of us, whether we believe it or not. Belief simply allows us to utilize this power, it does not manifest its reality nor its existence. We are each inherently powerful creatures because we are made in the image of God. Therefore we have God's power, it manifests itself in us. If you have not experienced this in your life, than you are either blind, deaf, and dumb, or have deceived yourself entirely.

Photo courtesy of Xan Griffin

Let me ask you this. Have you ever set your mind to some task, especially a seemingly impossible one, and before you knew it you had accomplished even more than you ever originally thought or hoped you would/could? I hope the answer is yes, for each and every one of you. If it is not, I pray you to set your will to such a task immediately. For this experience of achievement, this is God's power manifesting in you. This is walking in victory.

Batters in baseball are taught to “be the ball.” For a non-athlete, that statement might seem asinine. How can someone “be” a ball? The truth is, this is a coaching tactic utilized to get hitters into a frame of mind that is overly conducive to successfully hitting a baseball. Yes, a large part of this particular analogy is the focus that is gained and ideally maintained by the hitter, but I would argue the same is true of “walking in victory." Only by being focused, wholly and completely, on the task at hand, whether hitting a baseball or otherwise, will we guarantee ourselves success in that matter. If a ballplayer wants to get a hit, he must focus on getting a hit, not on what he will do once he has gotten a hit, nor what will happen should he fail to get a hit. His concentration must be solely focused and entirely occupied with the thought of hitting the baseball. In this way, he walks in victory, before achieving his desired victory.

Every CEO in the world wants to increase profits. No? Of course. This is the single defining statistic of their careers. What the successful CEO's practice apart from those of their trade who are not so successful, is they walk in victory in order to achieve victory. They look at their actual profits and ask themselves a question akin to “what must be done to take these profits I have and turn them into the profits I want?” From there, their mindset of higher profits allows them to determine what changes must be made and to which departments to increase sales and decrease losses. From here they can formulate a plan of action to successfully raise their profits and cut their losses. They do not seek to increase profits by randomly experimenting on different departments, hoping that a positive outcome will reveal itself. No. They change how they think toward and about their job, their business, their industry, and many other factors. They change the way they think and then they ask themselves what will it take to actually achieve the victory they can imagine when they think about it. The final step is, of course, to change themselves first. Before asking any of their subordinates to change a good CEO will first demonstrate their own willingness to change. They walk in victory in order to achieve the victory they seek.

Photo courtesy of Civilization 6

So to the point of the matter. If you want victory, walk in victory. We are all connected to God. We, each and every one of us, contain within ourselves the power needed to change any and or everything we want. This is exactly how those people whom we witness exact large-scale changes, actually do so. The confusion lies within the actual expectation, not the power itself. One does not need to learn to wield these superpowers. All you need to do is understand them, or better and more accurately still is to say you must understand their source. They are not our powers. We did not manifest them in ourselves. The great connection we all share is the source. We cannot achieve greatness of these powers through exaltation but through humility. You may ask, but how can I walk in victory and not exalt myself? How can I remain humble and honestly claim to walk in victory? I tell you, with a singular and logical mindset you cannot.

Looking at this with a logical mind will only cause you to deny the validity of the words you read. Instead, change your mindset. Change your way of thinking about this topic. Use, instead of the logic of your brain, the humility of your heart and the intuition of your spirit. In using these instead, you will “think” in a different way. The answers will become so obvious to you as to make you question your own sanity for not seeing them before. Only through accepting that our gifts are not our own, but rather they are gifts shared with and by everybody, can we even begin to utilize them. Furthermore, only through accepting that our gifts are not our own but are in all actuality, God's divine gifts to us, can we realize their full strength and thus our true potential. Only in recognizing that our power is derived, not from our own strength of will, but from the will of creation, that is to say, the creativity and connection we share with the infinite existence that abounds within us and without us... Only through this humble recognition can we even begin to fathom the depths of the power granted to us and the capacity it maintains to exact real and lasting change to this world as a result of the work stemming from said power. But it all begins with a thought, a thought of humility. A thought that says "I do not know victory, for I do not walk in victory.” Change the way you think about victory, only then will you truly know victory. Only then can you say “I wanted victory, therefore I walked in victory.”

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