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Who Will Answer?

Why, when I came, was there no man?

Why, when I called, was there none to answer?

These two lines make me think so quickly of today’s world, even though they were written thousands of years ago. It is almost as if they knew just how important these words and thoughts would be to us at this very time. How many out there profess to know and follow Christ? How many claim to know and follow Christ, but when He calls to them in their own lives they do not answer? Peter was one of the greats and even he denied Jesus three times. So do you think you are immune to deception and listelessness?

I tell you, every day the Lord calls to us. Most of these days we fail to answer this call, miserably. But why? Why do we not jump at the chance to be called by God? Why do we prefer to live our lives in darkness, feeling along slowly, as if in the dark with no idea where to go? I assure you, there is a light to be used to illuminate our dark lives, this light is God.

God is calling to his people. He is doing so more urgently and vigilantly than ever before. Will He find the same response today as He did those many thousands of years ago? So far it seems like this may well be the case. Where are those men of honour who embrace their roles as protectors and explorers and warriors, seeking to do battle against the evil corruption of this world and all the darkness it brings along with it, despite the seeming stacking of odds against them? Where are those women of such immense compassion and forthrightness and fortitude that stand forever strong in the face of evil and adversity to lead by example in a Godly way, a life of love and service?

Make no mistake, those of us that know God and truly seek His will are being called to rise up. Now is the time to take that next step, no matter what that step is for you individually, no matter where along your journey you currently are, it is time to procrastinate procrastination. You will always be able to find excuses to avoid challenges and remain where you are if you do not seek first to grow in God. Amen.

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